Georgie ~ Christmas Photo Session ~ { Toddler Portraits Coventry }

November 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Gorgeous 2 year old George and his family who came over from Coventry for their winter session last week and what a lovely family! Georgie didn't want to let go of his comforter throughout his photo shoot, so we had to do a lot of tucking away behind mummy :-) Just look at that little smile, I could have taken him home with me.

Over the last few weeks I have photographed a number of toddlers, These are my little tips and tricks to get children co-operate with my camera:

1. Young children just do not pose no matter how hard you try. Toddlers live, enjoy, laugh, discover, and I am there to capture the sparkle in their eyes and their smiles. This is how I work, I let them roam free, play and discover.

2. Another little trick is that I love making them discover new things and I always encourage parents to bring a favourite toy, lollipops, blowing bubbles, balloons or something they might enjoy.

3. The snack break is also very important. An outdoor mini photo shoot lasts around 30-45 minutes, kids get tired and they need breaks and little snacks to get some more energy and to divert their attention.

4. I prefer shooting in the morning hours, the light is mild, perfect for photography, and little ones have often already taken their morning nap in the car travelling to the outdoor photo shoot location and are ready to have fun. Besides, the light does not disturb their fragile eyes and I can make them look into the sunlight and get as much light as I can into their eyes.

...and a fifth rule? There are no rules when photographing toddlers :-)

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