Fleur ~ { Derbyshire Outdoor Photo Shoot }

December 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I had an adorable misty morning outdoor session with this little beauty this week ~ meet 18 month old Fleur from Kenilworth who came with her mummy and daddy for their winter photo session. 

I find that the age of toddlers plays a big difference in the way they cooperate with a photographer. One year old’s are highly agreeable and put a lot of trust into their parents and other adults, thankfully this was the case with little Fleur, she was happy and smiling away at the camera with little fuss. Two and three year old’s are the most challenging age group, they do not get the title of “terrible twos” for nothing. I then find that four years and older are less disobedient and can take directions from the photographer much like adults do.

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