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Double the cuteness ~ Madeleine & Isabelle came for their winter session last week, I can't believe it's been a whole year since I saw this adorable pair as newborns.

Young toddlers are always a bit of a challenge to photograph on a normal day.  Twins, even more so.  I can honestly say, though, that these two were lovely to photograph and pretty happy little souls! Part of the success of the session was due to their parents, they didn’t stress too much over the girls running amuck, laughed and enjoyed themselves, and understood the value of not taking it all too seriously.  We had a mutual goal ~ to create natural images that showed the girls’ personalities in a short space of time.

Here are my 5 favourite tips for photographing toddlers twins:

1. Get down on their level! I did a lot of sitting, squatting, scooting, (and tripping over!) in the leaves to capture these super sweet expressions!  Being on their level makes you more approachable and toddlers respond better.

2. Be patient, but be quick.  I know that not everything we try will work, so I try to get a shot and move on. If you try a pose one toddler they simply will not sit still, so don’t force it. Move on and try something else. With toddlers, if you try to force  them to do something, it makes them less likely to do it. Many of these shots lasted only a few seconds to attempt, and we didn’t try again.

3. Be ready and don’t expect things to be perfect, because they never will be. In fact those imperfect moments really make for the most emotional images!

4. Don’t say cheese, or you will get cheese.  Don’t expect smiles all the time. Some of the sweetest images are the curious glances, thoughtful stares, and upset glares that toddlers give you. Parents love those expressions as much as they love smiles!

5. Telling toddlers no will lead to break downs. Of course, you don’t want to give them full control to do whatever they want, so give them a bit to do what they want and then move on. This might mean letting them play with a random dog being walked through the park (this happened quite a few times during our winter photo shoots!), picking up sticks and leaves, pushing buttons on your camera, or jumping on and off a tree stump three dozen times!

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Oh how this gorgeous pair have changed in just a year!...... Twin Photography DerbyshireTwin Photography Derbyshire Twin Photographer DerbyshireTwin Photographer Derbyshire


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