Evie 14 days new ~ { Newborn Photos ~ Swadlincote }

June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last week week I met sweet little Evie at just 14 days new, this little lady loved to be wrapped.

If you’ve been to me for a newborn photography shoot or are familiar with my baby photography work, you may know that I love wrapping my little clients. Newborn wrapping is a technique we newborn photographers use in combination with the ever-popular naked baby portraits and prop shots.

Unlike the naked shots, though, in which the baby’s soft skin and tiny features are on show, wrapping tucks almost all of the baby’s body away. Wrapping is actually one of my favourite ways to pose a baby. It’s also really popular with parents. There is a skill to wrapping a newborn and it takes lots of practice, you'll find that wrapping and swaddling are similar techniques, so in the last ten years of being a parent I have become quite a pro at it!

So why do I do it? Well, as well as the fact that baby wrapping is very cute, there is a practical benefit. Newborn babies love feeling tucked up, as they were in mummy’s tummy. So, wrapping them helps to settle them and makes them feel secure. For this reason, it’s often one of the first baby poses I do during a newborn photoshoot.

When a family first arrives to the studio and passes their newborn to me, the baby can often be be unsettled. The little ones are unsure about the unfamiliar sights and smells of the photography studio and, naturally, it takes them some time to feel comfortable. This is when wrapping them helps. Wrapping also helps prevent the newborn’s startle reflex, which is when their arms and legs shoot out, and which can sometimes wake them from sleeping.

The possibilities really are endless and I love experimenting to create lots of different looks. Most of all I love baby wrapping because the end results are gorgeous.


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