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Blue Bean Photography Booking Conditions
1) CONTRACT: The client will agree to this our standard digital contract and image release prior to the photo session booking.
2) PAYMENT: The non refundable session fee is required at the time of booking to secure the clients photographic slot. The session fee books the studio and compensates for both the photographers time and skill during the clients newborn session, as well as post session processing and editing, however the session fee does not include any prints or digital images. The client then chooses the package they wish to purchase in addition to the newborn session. All packages are to be paid in full on the day of the photo session. 
3) CANCELLATION: Victoria requires the booking fee from clients to prevent late cancellations. Cancelled slots have an impact on her diary and childcare arrangements as these are arranged 7 days in advance. Because of this booking fees are non-refundable unless Blue Bean Photography cancels your booking. Victoria also offers no guarantee that a new session will be provided. Once a session date and time has been agreed, the client may cancel a session at any time but in doing so shall forfeit any monies paid, except proven exceptional circumstances.
4) PHOTO PACKAGES: Packages cannot be upgraded post session. Extra digital images are priced at £20 per file and there is not the option to discount the images to match the price of existing Blue Bean packages.
5) IMAGES: Quantity of images supplied will vary depending on time spent with client & level of activity. The body of work will be selected by Blue Bean Photography from all usable files & will consist of both black & white and colour image. Blue Bean Photography fully edits all images before presenting to her client. Additional edits are carried out at the discretion of Blue Bean Photography and they, reserve the right to charge the client for additional editing to cover time involved, at a rate of £2 per image. Digital images will be supplied in Jpeg format and each file size will be between 1-5mb in size.
Blue Bean Photography cannot be held responsible for photographs that could not be taken due to time constraints, lateness or other unforeseen circumstances such as equipment failure or non-complying children. Please also note due to sanitary, safety and insurance restrictions pets are not able to attend photo sessions. Blue Bean Photography aims to supply the client with their images within 28 working days.
6) COOPERATION: Blue Bean Photography is not held responsible for the behaviour and temperament of parties involved with the shoot. If the desired outcome of your session is jeopardised by the behaviours of parties involved, then the studio cannot be held responsible. The client also understands that special requests are not binding instructions, although every effort is made to comply with the client’s wishes, cooperation from all parties is a must. In the event of uncooperative children at a session, Blue Bean Photography may not be able to capture any of the images the client may have requested or expected. The client is responsible for all children at all sessions.
7) IMAGE RELEASE: Blue Bean Photography may use the images as stated below in our contractual model release. This will apply even when the images are not purchased by client. If images are purchased on USB, Blue Bean will supply proof of recorded postage, however we are not liable for loss of images in the post.
Client recognises that the Photographer may reproduce, publish (including internet), exhibit and otherwise use images created hereunder, without specific identification of persons or events, (1) as samples of work to be shown to prospective clients, (2) for instructional purposes, (3) as samples of work to be displayed for marketing or competition.
8) PERMITTED USES: The client will agree to all terms of use for image files as stated below in our contractual permitted uses.
The copyright of all images will belong to Blue Bean Photography. You have the right to reproduce any of your digitally purchased images for personal use or to give to family and friends, however, you are not permitted to enter any images in to a competition or sell to stock image galleries. Blue Bean Photography may use the images for display on the website and through various marketing channels.
All watermarked or non-purchased images displayed on or Facebook, feel free to press 'Share', or add your own tags freely but please don't remove my tags and links. You may use images for social profiles but please leave the Blue Bean watermark visible. These images are low resolution proofs without permission to download, or to print, save or change. All rights reserved.
9) PHOTO STORAGE: All digital files will be held for exactly 1 year after completion. To keep your online gallery open beyond this will incur a charge of £25 per month storage fee.
10) STUDIO OPENING TIMES: All sessions are carried out on a Monday through to Friday only 10.30-2.30pm. Fees will not be refunded if you cannot make a weekday slot.
11) PRICING: All prices are subject to change at the discretion of Blue Bean Photography.

Blue Bean Photography reserves the right to amend, vary or cancel these booking conditions at any time. ~ This conditions were last updated on 1st July 2016. To exclude images from web or social marketing would incur a £65 exclusion fee which will be invoiced at the time of booking.