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Digital Composites | Newborn Artist Derbyshire

March 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have been having sooooo much fun playing around with my newborn photos in photoshop. My latest obsession is creating digital backdrops for a very talented  and creative lady called Anna who owns Kirans World a newborn prop shop on Esty. In turn if I don't have a background image in my own digital library that a client loves, I purchase one from another graphic designer for their gallery.

A lot of the backdrops I'm drawn to are designed to be used with the baby photographed on a black or brown backdrop. This makes it easy to blend the shadows into the background. 

For others I need to plan ahead and photograph the baby on a similar background, like this the rainbow butterfly image below. With a few quick and simple shots at the end of a session, I now have an endless assortment of beautiful backgrounds to play with. 

Being able to composite in Photoshop is a very important safety aspect of newborn photography and is something every newborn photographer should be able to do to some degree if they're wishing to create shots like this with precious newborn babies.

Not only is compositing a newborn in photoshop after the session the safest way to shoot a complex prop shot, knowing how to composite also opens up so many possibilities for your creativity! You will also be able to race through your session, keeping baby posed and content where they are rather than moving them onto/into other props.

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