Blue Bean Photography | 17 day old Ruben | Newborn photographer Sutton Coldield

17 day old Ruben | Newborn photographer Sutton Coldield

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Keeping it perfect and simple with 17 day old Ruben, his session was wrapped up in super quick time because of how laid back these brothers were. As you can see, Zac adores his little brother Ruben, over the last 7 years of capturing newborns, my sibling portraits are my most requested, these are the images parents want more than anything long as we capture these, they are ecstatic. 4 year old Zac made my job easy, he was just awesome!

If this is your second, third or even fourth baby, you’ll likely want to also take family portraits. Photos of your children together are a lovely way of capturing your growing brood. This is a lovely idea in practice, yet it’s actually surprisingly difficult to get the perfect portrait when photographing children together. I have literally photographed thousands of children over the years and I'm sure you believe me when I say, not all of those have wanted to have their photo taken. Delaying and avoidance tactics? You name it, I’ve seen it! You could say that photographing reluctant children is a weekly occurrence for me.

Be prepared to wait, while it can take time to get reluctant children to cooperate, you’ll usually be rewarded for your perseverance and persistence. Don’t rush the child or make them feel under pressure to perform to the camera. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait!

Let them explore the environment, whether I’m photographing in the woods, forest or in my photography studio, the setting is usually new to the child. So I let the child get comfortable in the surroundings first, before attempting to take their portrait. I also often pull out props for younger children. Toys such as teddies and balls are also good to distract a reluctant child, noisy toys ~ things that squeak, rattle or jingle - also work well to get them, at least, looking in the right direction. 

Make them laugh. If a young child is refusing to look at the camera or, worse, is crying or having a tantrum, I sing! A quick rendition of ‘The wheels on the bus’ or ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ usually induces a smile. Or at least a cursory glance....and that’s despite my terrible singing voice!

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