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Little Lara at 25 days | Newborn Baby Photographer Chesterfield

April 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

25 day old Lara was a perfect little doll for her session this month, just look at that button nose.

Lara was born 3 weeks early and came to the studio just after her due date. Many mums believe that because their baby was born early they can't or even shouldn't bring them in for a newborn portrait session. This has typically been promoted by photographers who are either too afraid of working with a preemie or don't want the perceived hassle. The truth is that there is no reason specific to preemies not to photograph them.

One of the most frequently asked questions about photographing preemie babies (all babies really) is when to bring them into the studio for their session. The best time to photograph a newborn is within 6 to 21 days after birth. This is rarely possible with a premature baby as many of them spend their first weeks or even months in the hospital. In cases that prevent us from photographing a baby within this ideal time we advise parents to schedule their session as soon as baby is out of the hospital or is able to travel. Sometimes this means the following day after they come home from the hospital.

While this is usually a stressful time for new parents it's also the time when baby is sleepiest, and most cooperative. We always do our best to allow mummy and daddy to relax in the studio and allow me to take care of baby for a few hours, only disturbing mum's rest for feeding time.

The only real amendment to these tips is that communication with your photographer now becomes critical. As soon as you can let your photographer know that baby is coming or has come early. If you are working with a professional photographer they will already have a plan as to how to proceed and will communicate with you how they handle preemies, in some cases you may have discussed this process during your consultation.

The process of photographing a preemie is no different than photographing any other newborn. It's always difficult to allow yourself to relax when you've got a newborn and it's doubly hard when you've got a preemie, but it's important to know that baby is in good capable hands. 

Since your newborn session is likely to occur after baby is more than 10 days old baby is less likely to remain sleeping during the photo process. This can affect some of the poses we choose to do.

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