Blue Bean Photography | 10 day old Beatrice | Coventry baby photos

10 day old Beatrice | Coventry baby photos

May 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Lara age 2, Beatrice 10 days old and big sister Evie age 5 came over to Derbyshire from Coventry for their family photoshoot this month.

I've been photographing this beautiful family for 5 years, 5 years of newborn girlie goodness and every single one of these sisters look identical as newborns, it's uncanny!

Admit it, we love those beautiful shots of older children holding their baby brothers and sisters. I always say to other photographers be safe and realistic about the ages of the children you are working with.  A two year old is not going to safely hold a newborn baby, so I wouldn't even try a sitting shot even if a client swears they do it at home. I include moum or dad in the photo to help support the baby or let the oldest sibling hold the baby as the others cuddle in around. Usually around the age of four I feel more comfortable with allowing children to hold their newborn siblings but always, always , always have mummy and/or dad right there next to them just in case.

Two simple shots that I have the most success with over the past few years is to have baby laying down on a soft furry blanket or if baby is still in a prop, have the sibling lean over and kiss the baby.  If you have a newborn girl, ask the child to “smell the flower on her headband” which can give you that same appearance as a kiss.  The other is to gently lay the children side by side on their backs.  Again always have mum or dad close by just to be on the safe side in case a hand or arm goes flying towards baby.  Shooting down on them I can focus on the sibling, make silly faces, pretend I’m going to tickle them and therefore they sometimes forget there is a baby right next to them.

When worse comes to worse…
Bribe! Make sure you okay it with the parents before hand, but this is where it comes in handy to know the child’s favorite sweet treat!  I’ve gone through my share of biscuits and raisins just to get those few precious shots.  Nobody will ever know you are dangling a cheerio right next to the camera ;-)

All in all, try to relax, be flexible and have fun!

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