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So you’ve found out you are expecting a baby, firstly congratulations from me! I bet you and your family are super excited to meet your new arrival. Or maybe your precious bundle of joy has already arrived and your family is excited to see some photos of your little one.

You may have decided you’d like to capture those early days with some beautiful professional photos and you are searching google for a 'newborn photographer in the midlands', 'newborn baby photography in Derby' or a 'family photographer in Leicetser’. These are just a few of the terms you’d search for when looking for a Newborn photographer like me.

After a bit of research, you might have found a few prices, with varying newborn packages and lots of different experience and portfolios. I bet you are thinking with everything else you have to get ready for the new baby “Is newborn photography really worth it?” Well, I’m here to tell you why I think it’s worth it, then I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think it really is.

I’ve got to be honest with you, I’ve photographed over a thousand newborns in my 11 years plus as a baby photographer. I’ve met so many families but I have never heard a new parent say ” I wish I had less photos of my baby” Or “I wish I didn’t have so many photos of my family when I was growing up”. It’s the complete opposite, in reality, we can never have too many memories of our nearest and dearest.

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I know we are all attached to our camera phones and snap away constantly but, how many of those phone photos are hanging on your wall? Or worst still are you sure they are backed up to the cloud or would you lose every moment if your phone died? I learnt the hard way back in 2011, when my iMac died an almighty death and me thinking that I had everything backed up to the cloud, resulted in my loosing all of my 2nd childs newborn photos, even now, I have a lump in my throat thinking about it, I spent months afterwards going through emails and old hard drives trying to recoup the very few that I had.

I know it’s such a cliche, and you will hear it so often over the years but it’s so so true. A newborn baby grows too fast, they change so much in the first few weeks. And they don’t stop growing either, I now have my two oldest in senior school and I swear they were crawling around on the floor just 5 minutes ago.

Being a new parent is super tough, you are exhausted and life is mainly waiting in for the midwife or health visitor visits and then family and friends like to come and visit on mass to welcome the new baby. Believe me, you’ll barely get a moment to think, and you can forget sleep! Life is a blur of feeding, nappy changes, cat naps, and eating cold toast one-handed whilst rocking a windy baby.

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Of course, you can take your own photos….and you will! You’ll take thousands of photo snaps on your phone. In fact, your iPhone will be red hot from the almost constant use. Your baby will be the most photographed baby ever, all those memories created will be so precious to you. 

The thing is, will you exist in those photos? will you get a family photo altogether? I know from experience it’s like I don’t exist when my children were small. I have photos of them and photos of them together and even with their Dad, only a handful with me in them. Those family photos are the most precious to me.

I hear you, “I really don’t feel my best right now, I’ve just given birth” every new mum feels the same I promise. Sleepless nights don’t fit well with any beauty regime. The thought of having your photo taken might send you into a panic, so my job as a family photographer is you make you feel and look amazing, to capture the love you have for your new baby. Every new parent radiates and it’s a joy to watch. 

I’m here to help you capture that special time and preserve it forever in something physical, something you can keep and hold. A photograph really is a time machine, it will take you back to that very special moment.

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We live in a modern digital age, we all have photos on our phones but we rarely ever print them do we? We are so used to scrolling through them, swiping through snaps of a nice family dinner, wedding, christening or a night out, and mixed into that camera roll are our most precious memories of our children. 

Our children,  really do deserve to have their memories preserved, printed, and seen. Not lost on a phone or a hard drive somewhere. What happens when technology changes and like VHS tapes or DVDs you can’t play easily them anymore. Print those photos, make wall art from those memories and enjoy those moments forever.

So in conclusion, you know what I think, newborn photography is so worth it. It’s worth the extra effort it takes to get dressed out of your Pyjamas, put a bit of makeup on, and then making it out the front door to my studio. Not forgetting the battle to get your toddler ready and in the car without forgetting something. It is still worth all the effort.

The few hours you’ll spend having your newborn photoshoot will give you a lifetime of joy and pleasure. Every time you look at those photos on the wall you’ll remember just how teeny tiny your baby was and how much love you have for that child. I think those photographs are priceless.

Want more info on a newborn photoshoot?

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Bye for now

Victoria x


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