How to prepare for your Christmas Photo Shoot?

So you have booked the Session! Now the thought of coordinating the family and picking out outfits slipped into your mind and your head is spinning! Don’t worry, thats why I am here to help. Christmas Mini Sessions are meant to be fun, so don’t let yourself get all worked up over the many tiny details. That being said, here are some little helpful hints to get the most our of your photo shoot.

  • Location – Plan ahead of time and use google maps to determine how long it may take to arrive at the studio location. Also take into consideration any traffic that may affect travel time before your Christmas mini session. The Old School Room, 6 Main Street, Blackfordby, Leicestershire, DE11 8AD  
  • If you use ‘What 3 Words’ this link will navigate you to our exact location using Google Maps or Waze >>
  • Arrive on time –  Your assistance with arriving on time is so important for a successful day. When you arrive I will ask that you wait outside whilst other families are being photographed, purely as other clients get distracted.There will be a side door open for all to enter the space, in this area is also toilet facilities if needed. Get to bed early and get a good nights sleep. Happy children and rested parents = beautiful portraits. Make sure your little ones take their mid day nap if they still need it. If you arrive late, you’re loosing time that we could be photographing your little ones. Sessions are booked back to back!
  • Images – Christmas mini sessions run for 20 minutes maximum to provide you with the best collection of images.
  • No mobiles –  During the session you are not permitted to take any pictures with your mobile phone while I am shooting. It is a quick session and this will distract children and make them look away.
  • Parents - It is really important that you allow me to build a great connection with your children. Please allow me to interact with your little one while I’m shooting before you get involved unless your child is upset, this way they’re not overwhelmed. Should I require assistance, I will call you to come and join me on the floor and get their attention to help get a gorgeous smile and giggle. If and when I do this, please do not stand behind me as your child will always be looking up in the photographs I take. You need to SIT right next to my camera lens. There is no pressure on your children to perform at the session, natural shots are always best and I like to shoot in a fun, relaxed and easy manner so there is no pressure on them to be perfect or looking at the camera with big perfect smiles in every shot. 
  • It is critical you supervise your children to ensure they don’t damage any props on the day. Please note, I will be running over 50 sessions and there are a lot of families who would be left disappointed.

Top tips!

  • Arrive early! This way you are not stressed and all relaxed.
  • Plan your children’s naps/awake times for that day if your session is during there sleep time. 
  • Feed your children before the session to ensure their full and happy.  Feel free to bring anything as bribery. Blowing bubbles, rattles and their favourite teddy often work well.
  • No eating in studio. Bring any supplies for your children to have after the session (snacks, treats, drinks, etc) We don't want crumbs or stains on those gorgeous outfits!
  • Clean your children’s faces (eyes, nose, mouth), it’s amazing what is always left for me to edit.
  • Fingernails, hair cleaned and cut. Sorry, I will not be editing special requests such as fixing chipped nail polish or frizzy hair during Xmas Minis.
  • Remove all hair ties or kids watches before the shoot to ensure no marks are there. Again I cannot edit out hair ties or watches.
  • Parents don’t forget about yourselves if you are having your images taken too! Do your hair and make up before arriving to the session.

What to wear?

  • It is always good to pick three coordinating colours that go well together and one of those colours being a neutral colour (eg red white denim). You don’t necessarily need to be all matching in identical outfits.  Mix it up a little with textures too but stick to your colour palette. Beginnig with the most difficult person to dress first. Plan all other outfits around that person, remembering to coordinate colors and patterns as if you were pulling one outfit together. Consider the colours in your home when you’re planning your outfits. your portraits will ultimately hang in your home and need to fit cohesively, reflecting the personality and style of your family! Most importantly, pick 2/3 that work and choose your outfits based on that palette, more than that gets too busy.
  • No logos if possible, I suggest not to wear cheesy themed Christmas jumpers or fancy dress outfits, you want your images to be timeless. Remember, if your children are comfortable in their clothes, then they will be relaxed and calm during the session.
  • As it is a 20 minute session we don’t have time for big outfit changes. Please arrive to the studio fully dressed and ready to shoot, there will not be time for redressing, so if you would like to change up your look, how about starting your session in all of your finery and then ending the shoot with a winter outdoor look wearing coats and hats in my outdoor scene.

I am so excited to have you come into the studio and experience this soon too. 

Any questions please get in touch with the studio.