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5 myths people have regarding newborn photography

Allow me to bust 5 myths people have regarding newborn photography

1. THE POSES MAKE BABY UNCOMFORTABLE. Newborns have just spent the last 9 months squished into a ball inside the womb with their legs over their heads. So being moulded into a pose is not hurting them. If they are uncomfortable they would certainly let us know.

2. BABIES GET COLD WHEN BEING POSED NAKED. A trained newborn photographer will ensure that the studio is kept very warm so this doesn’t happen. One of the number one safety practices when it comes to photographing newborns is to ensure they don’t get too cold or too hot. During the colder months, a space heater is often used to blow warm air across the area your baby is being posed in.

3. STUDIO FLASH WILL HURT THE BABY’S EYES. Although it seems super bright the light from flash photography is no brighter than the light from the sun in the middle of the day. The light from the flash doesn't last long enough to cause injury. Besides if your newborn is sleeping they won’t see the light anyway.

4. NEWBORN SESSIONS ARE 4-5 HOURS LONG I’m sorry but if a newborn session is lasting that long then there is something not right. Either the photographer doesn’t have a proper workfkow in place or a back up plan incase baby isn’t cooperating, or they didn’t give you a prep guide for you to follow to ensure baby is full and sleepy. Either way newborn sessions shouldn’t last more than 2 - 3 hours at most, even for the ones that don’t want to sleep or cooperate.

5. NEWBORNS HAVE TO BE UNDER 2 WEEKS OLD OR IT’S TOO LATE. While we do prefer to photograph them under 14 days old, it’s not the be all or end all if they are a little older. I have photographed up to 6 weeks old before and while though it could be a little more challenging, it is not impossible.

Photographers, can you think of any other myths that we need to bust?

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