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How to prepare for your 'Little Sitter' Session

Sitter sessions usually last between 30-45 minutes. A 6-12 month old baby has a very short attention span. Therefore, a sitter session needs to go quick. It usually involves no more than 2-3 setups with few different accessories for each setup depending on how happy your little one remains. A baby is photographed from different angles making sure that all of their tiny details are captured.

What to bring

Milk, snacks, dummy (if required) favourite toy. I often have cheerio's in the studio, as little ones love them and the bonus is they do not stain outfits! I also use almond and oat milk in splash baths, please let me know if your child may be allergic to any of these food items.

My cabin studio contains a range of goodies for your session. We’re talking outfits, backdrops and props, etc. So don’t stress about bringing or buying anything for your time here (unless you want to bring an outfit of your own). keeping in mind I don’t usually dress babies “up”, we like to keep a natural timeless style. I’m not going to put a mermaid tail on your baby, or dress them as a caterpillar, that's not the style I shoot. We will talk about colours and preferences at the time of your booking, however I style of the session while you relax and enjoy it.

Anything you can do to put your little one in as good of a mood as possible, do it!

Making sure everyone is well fed and well napped will help. If your baby allows it, go ahead and sit down on the settee while we try to entertain them with our (sure to be ridiculous) antics. if you’re standing behind me, your little one is going to stare at you the whole time, and we always hope for good eye contact with the camera so I want you to sit with me at camera level if you can.

If there is a particular set up that you have seen on my website or social media pages, please let me know at least 2 weeks before your session, and please refrain from taking mobile phone photos or videos during your shoot (it will be tempting I know!)

Studio and Session Health and Hygiene Policy

If you or anyone else in your family are feeling unwell or are showing any symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, cough, runny nose etc, please let me know ASAP so I can reschedule your session. I have added some extra precautions to help keep everyone safe:

* No shoes in the studio

* Immediate family members only at the session (parents and siblings only)

And last but not least, please relax, enjoy the session, and leave me to do the rest!

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