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Twin Baby Photography

I never realised how many twins and multiples were born until I became a newborn photographer! I have them in the studio way more than you may think, and it’s always so much fun to capture double the sweetness.

After sharing tight living quarters for several months, many twins naturally snuggle together and lean in toward each other’s scent and warmth. It is amazing how strong their sibling bond is even from birth. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are identical or fraternal, they all have a certain special relationship that is indescribable.

But, as cute as it is to photograph twins together, they are also unique individuals with their own features and personalities. During a twin or multiples photo shoot, I make sure to get all of those sweet sibling photos, but I also capture plenty of individuals as well. In addition to matching or coordinating outfits, sometimes it is fun to give each baby his or her own theme, style, or colors, too that way they have distinct newborn photos that are all their own.

I have seen several parents combine the photos in their birth announcements or displays: an image of each child and then a picture of them together.

Whatever you choose, they’re sure to be adorable. Photographing twins is always such a pleasure!

Expecting your own bundle(s) of joy? Have a few ideas in mind for their very first photoshoot? Let’s get together! I’d love to meet you and help you carry out your vision.

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