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What is the best age for Newborn Photography?

The first key age that you could capture is the early days when they’re newborn, typically under 21 days old. Many specialist newborn photographers will only photograph babies in their early weeks (usually no more than 2 weeks old), any older and they may decline the photography session depending on their experience level of photographing older babies, however I happily take little clients through to 4/5 weeks of age.

Around the one week old mark to 12 days is the best age for photos at this stage. After this period they may not sleep as well as you would like, as they realise they have some growing to do and start to notice the world around them.

The poses for a typical newborn baby photoshoot are mostly based on your baby sleeping soundly. I work a little differently and don’t insist at the newborn stage that your baby is asleep especially for a mini wrapped session. If they are wide awake and curious, I will roll with that. It provides the chance to capture some different baby portraits.

I prefer to manage a parent’s expectations so if the baby’s awake, we’re going to do posing that suits that. And if your baby sleeps, then we can do posing that suits sleeping.

Newborn babies have their own timetable 🙂 And wonderful pictures can be captured at any age.

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