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Have you ever heard the phrase “Christmas in July?”

"Christmas in July" is a common phrase used for promotions or events that take place in July but have a Christmas theme. It's a clever strategy you've adopted in the photography world.

Here's the thing about the origin of "Christmas in July" - it actually has two main roots:

  • Summer Camp Fun: There's a popular belief that a summer camp in North Carolina started the tradition in 1933.They dedicated two days in July to Christmas festivities for their campers, complete with decorations, gifts, and even a summer Santa!

  • Pop Culture Influence: The phrase gained wider recognition in the 1940s with a movie titled "Christmas in July." This helped solidify the concept in popular culture.

So, while the exact origin might be a bit fuzzy, "Christmas in July" has become a fun way to get a head start on the holiday season or create unique promotions in the slower summer months.

Overall this wacky idea is actually pretty genius 💡 If you've never thought of doing this promotion, now is a great time to try. The worst that happens is it doesn't book.

  • Beat the rush: By offering Christmas mini sessions in July, you allow clients to book early and avoid the holiday season stress.

  • Strategic timing: July is often slower for photographers, so a Christmas in July promo can bring in revenue during a quieter period.

  • Stand out from the crowd: Advertising Christmas in July catches attention because people aren't yet thinking about the holidays.

  • Less competition: The market isn't saturated with Christmas promotions in July, giving you an edge.

It's a creative and strategic way for photographers to use the "Christmas in July" theme. Encouraging you to try it out and highlighting the potential benefits is a great way to spread the word about this smart marketing tactic.

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