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Newborn & Baby Photo Retouching & Editing Services for Professional Photographers

With almost 25 years of Photoshop and graphic design experience attained throughout my photography and e-commerce career. I offer photo retouching services to photographers all over the UK and also internationally. For many newborn baby photographers editing and retouching can be a long task. As a specialist in newborn baby photography, I personally know the editing challenges you may face with your newborn images. Whether it's a single photo you’re struggling with, or an an entire gallery, get in touch and let me help you.

Contact me with your requirements and include as much detail as possible about your image(s), the type of editing you require and how quickly you need the service. Initially I will send you an estimated price, and once you send me your image(s) and we will agree a final fee for the editing. Send me examples your work or links to your website and I will work to match your editing style.


• Your invoice my be paid online via BACs or PayPal.

• Your edits will be completed as Jpegs in the pre agreed turn around time.

• A 25 image newborn gallery starts at £43.75 for standard editing.

Standard Newborn Retouching Service

£1.75 per image

• Skin retouching - includes skin softening plus removal of scratches and blemishes, redness and skin tone correction.


• Custom colour corrected to suit your preferred style. This includes temperature/tint/tone and curves adjustments, exposure, contrast, highlight and shadow recovery.


• I can also crop, reduce noise, lens correct and  straighten horizons for every image.


• Background fixes - includes blanket smoothing and simple backdrop painting and item removal (such as pacifiers, mobile phones and blanket extensions)


• Simple shaping adjustments such as liquify and puppet warp tools.

Premium Newborn Retouching Service

£2.75 per image

• Includes all of the above services plus the following below.


• Removing complicated items from your image (eg. Overlapping objects and removing stray hairs).


• Extending complicated backgrounds


• Completing composites (such as froggy pose or removing supporting hands)

Send me your requests

Images may be transferred via either Wii Galleries or Wetransfer and turn around time is generally 3-5 days depending on the difficulty of the editing request. Below is an example of some of my recent newborn editing.






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