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Your beautiful images deserve to be displayed and viewed every day

I offer a wide range of additional products to allow you to create bespoke wall art, so you can enjoy your stunning photographs every day. I firmly believe that you get the best out of your photographs when you print and display and them. Why not add a piece or two of wall art onto your existing collection to make the most of your beautiful images, something tangible to enjoy as a family for years to come. 


Investing in quality printed products is the only way to ensure your beautiful images will be treasured for generations to come. All our newborn photography prints are handpicked from the best professional print labs and produced using the finest, archival quality inks and papers.

Premium Album

10 x 10 inch

15 image craftsman album

Our luxury portrait albums are completely bespoke and shout pure indulgence. A premium newborn heirloom album features 15 selected images of your choice. This album tells your baby newborn story with a series of gatefolds and special designs  £240

Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 15.44.33.png

Classic Single
Image Frames

16"x12" mounted to 22"x18" £225

18"x12" mounted to 24"x18" £245

20"x16" mounted to 26"x22" £275

24"x16" mounted to 28"x20" £300

24"x20" mounted to 28"x24" £345

30"x20" mounted to 34"x24" £375

Multi Aperture

24"x24" with multiple images £345

34"x24" frame multiple images £395

Mounted Prints

8"x6" mounted to 10"x8"   £20

10"x8" mounted to 12"x10"   £25

12"x8" mounted to 16"x12"   £40

16"x12" mounted to 20"x16"   £65

A collection of 5 Mounted Prints

Five 7"x5" matted prints of your choice. Professionally mounted within a 10"x8" white, cream or black card frame​. £90

newborn photo mounts.jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-07 at

Digital Image Downloads

These are purchased in addition to your chosen prepaid collection.


1 digital image    £25

5 digital images    £100

10 digital images    £150

15 digital images    £175

Entire digital gallery    £200

Circular Wood Wall Art

40cm diameter    £280

50cm diameter    £320

60cm diameter    £350


It takes approximately 3/4 weeks to receive your wall art at Blue Bean Photography. Once opened and inspected for quality, I will then ask you to return to our studio to collect your order at a time convenient to you.

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