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35 Blog post ideas for Newborn Photographers

Updated: Jun 19

Calling all newborn photographers!

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of maintaining a blog? Don't worry, you don't need to post every day to reap the SEO benefits. In fact, focusing on quality over quantity is key. This post is packed with inspiring blog post ideas to get you started, so you can showcase your skills, connect with potential clients, and establish yourself as a newborn photography expert.

Before They Book

In the world of newborn photography, experience is key. One powerful way to demonstrate your expertise is through a series of educational blog posts! Consider topics like newborn safety posing techniques, capturing natural or studio light for stunning photos, or creating a calming environment for a stress-free session. Potential clients will be impressed by your in-depth knowledge and see you as a valuable resource.

Here are 9 blog post titles targeted specifically to expectant parents looking for newborn photographers:

  1. Capturing Those Early Moments: The Best Age for Newborn Photos

  2. Twins, Triplets, and More! Photographing Your Multiples with Ease

  3. Posed or Lifestyle? Choosing the Perfect Newborn Photography Session for You

  4. Creating a Calm & Cozy Experience: Newborn Photography Safety Tips

  5. Why You Should Consider Adding a Maternity Session to Your Newborn Photography Package

  6. Meet the Expert: Taking a Studio Tour with Your Newborn Photographer

  7. From Inspiration to Reality: Choosing Colors for Your Newborn Session

  8. Building Your Baby's Wardrobe: Must-Have Newborn Photography Props

  9. Real Moms Share: Top Tips for Taking Newborn Photos at Home (Bonus: What to Have on Hand!)

Want to calm client jitters and build trust before their session? Answer their burning questions! Turn your most frequently asked questions into a helpful blog post. This not only saves you time answering emails, but also positions you as a reliable resource for expecting parents.

Preparing For The Session

  1. Restless Little One? Tips for a Smooth Newborn Photography Session (Even if Baby Won't Sleep!)

  2. Capturing Magic: My Workflow for Transitional Posing with Newborns

  3. From Grandma's Quilt to Baby's First Toy: Personalize Your Session with a Special Prop

  4. Managing Expectations for Sibling Photos in Newborn Sessions

  5. Looking Your Best! What to Wear for Your Family Portrait Session

  6. More Than Memories: The Importance of Being Included in Photos with Your Newborn

  7. Be Prepared! A Checklist for What to Bring to Your Newborn Photography Session

  8. Safety Always Comes First: Understanding Baby-Led Posing

  9. The Sleepy Secret: Why Most Newborn Photos are Done with Baby Asleep (This title keeps the intrigue while also informing parents)

Feature Your Work

Feeling stuck in a rut of posting individual photos? Break free with thematic inspiration! Choose a captivating theme and showcase a variety of stunning newborn images that fit the concept. This not only keeps your feed visually interesting but also allows you to tell a cohesive story.

Here are some rewritten blog post titles that are more engaging and informative for expectant parents or potential clients:

Focusing on variety and personalisation:

  1. 5 Must-Have Props for Timeless Newborn Photos (and How I Use Them!)

  2. Beyond the Smile: Capturing the Full Range of Newborn Expressions

  3. From Cozy to Classic: 15 Holiday Themes for Unforgettable Newborn Portraits

  4. Inspired by Nature: Nature-Themed Newborn Photography Ideas

  5. Colour Crush: Choosing the Perfect Palette for Your Newborn Session

  6. Swaddle Me Up! The Art of Capturing Cozy Newborn Photos

  7. Tummy Time, Too! Adorable Poses for Every Newborn

  8. Embrace the Rainbow: Adding Bold Touches to Your Newborn Photography

  9. Memories From Home: Personalising Your Newborn Session with Special Keepsakes

These titles highlight the variety you offer as a photographer, the opportunity for customisation, and the adorable results parents can expect.

Posts For After The Session

  1. Announce Your Arrival in Style: Birth Announcement Design Inspiration

  2. From Click to Keepsake: Downloading and Cherishing Your Digital Images

  3. Picture Perfect Walls: Creative Display Ideas for Your Newborn Portraits

  4. Featured Product Spotlight: [Name of Product] - Elevate Your Memories (Replace bracketed text with the specific product)

  5. More Than Pixels: Why Printed Photos Matter (and How to Order Yours!)

  6. The Gift of Giving: Share the Joy with a Holiday Photo Gift Guide

  7. Grandparents They'll Adore: Top Photo Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

  8. Behind the Magic: Unveiling the Newborn Editing Process or Double the Cuteness: Exploring the Art of Newborn Composites (Choose the title that best reflects your editing style)

Don’t forget to add a call to action at the end of your blog posts! What do you want prospective clients to do next? Post a link to your newborn gallery page or 'About Me' page to encourage viewers to keep exploring your website. The goal for these informative blog posts is to not only educate and inspire your readers, but to ultimately turn them into clients.

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