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Safety is the most important thing in newborn photography

So why is safety important in Newborn Photography? We are trained in all fields of newborn photography. Professional newborn photographers understand newborn behaviour and what your baby needs. Newborn babies can’t regulate their own body temperature like we can, so it is important to keep them at the right temperature. Newborns can easily overheat and if they are not warm enough, they just won’t settle.

Newborn photographers understand everything the newborn needs to keep the baby calm and seamlessly transition the baby from prop to prop to achieve a smooth session. All our props are sourced from prop shops specifically designed for newborn photography. They know how to weight the props so the prop is safe and well balanced that it doesn’t fall over and injure your newborn baby. They won’t put your baby into something that will be dangerous to your baby’s health, like a pot that has been sitting in the back garden for years and might endanger your babies little lungs by breathing in compost.

All my props are safe and clean for newborn photography. I know how to safely pose a baby, whilst still protecting the baby’s neck. Babies can’t support their own heads, their neck is not strong enough. We know how to successfully wrap your baby to put them into a nice deep sleep without wrapping them too tightly that they can’t breathe and yet tight enough that those strong little arms can’t escape!

Newborn babies do nott have good circulation in their hands and feet. It is so important to be aware that you are not cutting off their circulation when posing the newborn baby. All the beautiful poses we see on the internet can be quite risky to achieve. Babies hanging on hammocks or hanging in props are not as they appear. These images are in actual fact, composite images. The baby was never hanging in the basket, it is all created in photoshop. As as professional photographer, I have spent over 11 years developing my editing skills in photoshop. You would never know that these images are actually two images merged together to create that perfect image to keep your precious baby safe at all times. My fear is that some amateur enthusiasts may not realise this and may attempt to replicate these complex poses, unaware of the inherent risks.

An experienced professional newborn photographer will have an in-depth understanding of newborn behaviour and safety around all forms of posing. The camera does not make the photograph, it’s the expertise of the photographer.

So here’s a thought, would you let just anyone cut your hair because they own a pair of scissors? Of course not! So why would you take a chance with just anyone posing the single most precious thing in your life, you brand new baby.

As NW Leicestershires leading photographer I’m always promoting safety in what I do, whether through client work or training other photographers in the art of Newborn Photography. When you place your baby in my hands you know they are going to be kept safe and happy. You are also going to get amazing photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Please don't hesitate to contact me via our email address if you have any questions you would like some more information.

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