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100 Instagram and Social Media Hashtags All Newborn Photographers Should Be Using

Here are some clever tips to maximize your hashtags on Instagram:

  • Focus on Quality over Quantity: Don't stuff all of your 30 limit hashtags into your post, use relevant ones that describe your image.

  • Separate Hashtags from your Caption: Keep your caption clear and write a personal message about the photo. Add hashtags on another line or in a separate comment for better readability.

  • Show Appreciation: Tag vendors and suppliers you used (props, backdrops). This might get you noticed and featured by them, boosting your reach.

  • Brand Yourself: Include a hashtag specific to your own company.

  • Curate Your Hashtag List: Create a go-to list in your phone's Notes app. Remember to remove irrelevant ones before each post.


General Newborn Photography:

Other examples of popular Newborn Photographer hashtags:

Since Instagram doesn't allow duplicate hashtags, these cover both US and UK terms for expectant mothers, keeping your list concise and relevant.


This will help people within your location to find your page. For example, #derby, #leicester #leicesterphotographer or #derbynewbornphotographer. You can also put the name of your location after the photographer part, like this: #newbornphotographerleicester

Don’t forget to hashtag #yourlocation #yourlocationphotographer with this, too. Also, don’t forget to hashtag the venue or location where you photographed the session. For example #bluebeanphotography

Newborn Photographer Engagement & Community:

Newborn Photography Props & Photographer Style:

Milestone, Birthday & Sitter Sessions:

Another tip for lets say your milestone or little sitter sessions is to put #numbermonthsession, for example, #3monthsession, #6monthsession #9monthsession #1yearsession #sittersession #milestonesession





Remember to hashtag the hospital location, as well. eg #derbyhospital #leicesterhospital


  • Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags.

  • Don't use all 30 hashtags (focus on relevance).

  • Consider adding a company-specific hashtag (e.g., #bluebeanphotography).

  • Update your hashtags for each post based on the photo's content.

I hope this helps!

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